Our Philosophy - Your Competitive Advantage

Do not miss an opportunity to increase your Competitive Advantage! LenderVend Appraisal Zone provides appraisal order fulfillment and order management solutions to its lending partners. While LenderVend Appraisal Zone maintains best in class appraisal fulfillment turn times, we understand that Quality is not just a measure of “How fast can the report be completed?”. Quality is a measure of customer care and most importantly, the completion of an accurate appraisal report. In order to provide quality appraisal reports, LenderVend Appraisal Zone has developed a fundamental approach: work with the top appraisers in the industry, utilize technology to promote efficiency and employ a committed staff, dedicated to your success as a lending partner.


LenderVend chooses to work with a small, select group of the industry’s top appraisers. By working with a small, select group of appraisers we are able to require quality, while offering our appraisers fair compensation and a steady stream of business.


LenderVend Appraisal Zone receives appraisal orders from its customers and has created an automated order management system to assign orders to our elite appraisers. Utilizing technology to efficiently place appraisal orders for fulfillment has allowed LenderVend Appraisal Zone to boast best in class turn times.


Our culture values a successful relationship with each of our lending partners. Our focus is customer care and ensuring each appraisal delivered meets our customer’s quality expectations. LenderVend employs a well trained quality control staff to review each and every appraisal. Each LenderVend staff member is devoted to providing personal and professional service. Our commitment is to present our customers with accurate and error free appraisals.

LenderVend - Your Competitive Advantage

Quality – Technology – People