LenderVend Appraisal Zone Appraisers.

Our community of appraisers represents the best in the industry. LenderVend chooses to build relationships with only a select group of elite appraisers, unlike other Appraisal Management Companies who contract with a vast network of appraisers. By working with a select group of appraisers, LenderVend is able to provide a consistent flow of business with industry leading compensation. In turn, LenderVend expects the highest quality appraisals from its appraiser community.

LenderVend recognizes that in a competitive market the measure of a quality appraisal is more than an accurate value. Quality is also a measure of turn time and customer service. LenderVend’s order management system and Quality Control review process have been designed to promote our definition of quality. LenderVend and its partnership with a community of elite appraisers will redefine the quality standard in the market place.